Starlink Transfers Are Here!

On February 15, 2023, Starlink has begun to offer Self-Service transfers of equipment.

This is exciting news, and a much anticipated feature many have been waiting for. Remember, the Dish itself is tied to the account, and you needed approval from Starlink Support to sell (transfer) to a new owner for it to be usable.

Previously, to buy/sell a Dishy, the seller had to open a support ticket through their account and wait for Starlink to reply. They would then initiate the transfer process with the buyer’s email and send them information to sign up for a new account and start the process on their end.

It was a whole process between the buyer, seller, and Starlink Support, and not the most efficient one. Not to mention that their support team is already heavily bogged down with other inquiries, so this should help alleviate some of the tickets submitted (after a bunch of initial questions on this new process, most likely).

Here’s what we know so far.


  • You must cancel service to initiate a transfer. This will also forfeit any remaining time you have left on your account for the month.
  • The buyer must set up their own account at You now have the option to select “Standard”, “High-Performance”, or tick the box that says “I already have my Starlink.”.
  • This works for Residential, RV, and Business Account types currently. For Residential, you will need to verify availability of the intended address before purchasing new or used equipment.
  • Starlink has an “Identifier” (serial number) you will need. Info on that found here. This will be needed for the buyer to sign up for an account. Unsure what will happen for an existing customer that wants to add another (used) Starlink to their existing account.
  • It is unclear whether you can sell a Starlink RV Dishy to someone looking to setup a new Starlink Residential Account until we see it done, but it does seem that would be possible now.
  • Also unclear about transfers between countries/continents yet. TBD…

From the Starlink Support Page:

How do I transfer my Starlink hardware ownership?

Please read all information below prior to transferring Starlink hardware:

  • Starlink is not responsible for the condition of kits sold or transferred by third-parties. 
  • The Starlink Kit must be delivered and all orders and services on your account need to be fully paid with no outstanding balance. 
  • Your service must be cancelled in order to transfer Starlink hardware. 
  • Upon transfer, the Starlink is removed from your account permanently, service will stop immediately, and any remaining days of your service period will be lost.
  • The Starlink recipient is responsible for signing up for service on Service is subject to availability – see Availability varies by service offering (Residential, RV, etc). Activation is not currently available for Maritime accounts.
  • Upon activation, the new user will be charged for the first month of service and can begin using right away.
  • A transferred Starlink cannot be added to an existing account, only to new accounts. The email address must not be in use.
  • The warranty period for the Starlink kit is from the date of the original retail purchase from Starlink or its Authorized Reseller. The warranty period does not start over for kits sold or transferred by third-parties. End-users should verify that the Starlink kit is in working condition prior to purchasing from third-parties. See
  • Starlink kits are certified per country. End-users are responsible for complying with local requirements. Starlink may restrict certain services to the country where Starlink or its Authorized Resellers originally sold the device, as required.

How to transfer your Starlink:

  1. From, log into your Starlink account.
  2. Under “Your Starlinks” select “Manage” next to the Starlink you would like to transfer.
    1. Take a note of the Device ID at this time. You will share this later.
  3. Under “Devices”, find Starlink and click “Transfer” and confirm conditions – this will permanently remove the Starlink from your account. 
  4. Factory reset your router to its original settings.
  5. Provide all items in your Starlink kit to the new user. Starlink is not responsible for the condition of kits sold or transferred by third-parties. 
  6. If possible, provide a Starlink Identifier to the new party for activation.
    • Kit Serial Number: Located on the Starlink Kit shipping label (ex. KIT00000000)
    • Dish Serial Number: Located on the bottom of the Starlink mast (ex. 2ABC000000000000)
    • Terminal ID: While connected to your Starlink internet, open the Starlink app, tap “Settings”, then “Advanced”. Look at the “ID” under “STARLINK” section. Enter the number without the “ut” in front. (ex. 00000000-00000000-00000000)
  7. Communicate to the new user that they must sign up for service on in order to activate the Starlink hardware. See the activation FAQ for more information.

How to activate a Starlink:

If you have already purchased a Starlink, see how to activate service for your Starlink here.

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Check back as we will update as we learn more!

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