The Price of Starlink Is Increasing in 2022

Update: As of 3/4/2022, Starlink has sent out emails to existing and new customers signing up that “Portability” is now an add-on feature that will be an additional $25/mo. Check out our post on this here

When Starlink beta was originally released in 2020, service pricing sat a $99 per month, with an initial one-time hardware cost of $499 for the Starlink Kit.

Since then, many more satellites have been launched, and the Starlink Kit (which includes a user terminal, a mounting tripod, a cable, and a wi-fi router) has been upgraded with a new version of the satellite dish (nicknamed Dishy.)

Now in 2022, according to an email from SpaceX that went out on March 22, 2022, Starlink has increased its pricing by 11% for the monthly fee and 20% for the one-time hardware cost.

According to the SpaceX email. “The sole purpose of these adjustments is to keep pace with rising inflation.”

These price increases will go into effect May 21st.

What are your thoughts on the rising costs of Starlink? Comment below!

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