RV Outdoor Mats & Rugs for 2022

Traveling in an RV means you’ll naturally be dragging in dirt and leaves from outdoors into your tiny home-on-wheels, unless you buy an RV outdoor mat.

Besides helping you cut down on the amount of debris you track into your RV, patio mats and rugs will help your outdoor space look nicer, and give you an outdoor room to hang out in. 

An outdoor rug is a must-have RV accessory if you like to spend your time off the pavement and camping in the dirt. Getting a high quality rug will ensure that you can enjoy the outdoors without bringing all of it with you inside, and without having to replace it ever year. 

One of my favorite strategies is to have a large outdoor rug at the door of the RV, and then add a shoe-cleaning mat right at the bottom of the steps. This allows you to give your feet an extra scrub before walking into the RV. 

All RVers alike can enjoy a mat – whether you’re in a trailer, van, or motorhome – you can find an outdoor rug that rolls up and is the right size for your rig and your travel style. 

The Best RV Outdoor Mats

In our reviews, the best outdoor mats and rugs for RVs are ones that store easily, don’t collect dirt, look nice, and last for a long time. Some of them also have carrying cases. 

Here are some of our favorites. 

Considerations When Buying a Patio Mat for your RV or Van

Most RVers go through a lot of mats before finding the perfect patio rug. So here are a few things to consider when choosing yours:

Ease of Storage

How easy is it to roll up your patio mat or fold it up? Is it a one-person or two person job? 

Rug Size & Storage Size

In addition to how big you want your rug to be when laid out in front of your RV door, how small does it need to be when it’s rolled up and stored? Where will you store it on moving or travel days?

Weather Resistance

It’s important to decide whether you need a rug that is sun, rain, or snow-proof. What conditions will you be spending the most time in? Will your patio mat hold up? 

Other topics to consider: 

Mat materials

How to keep your mat from flying away

Where to store your mat

Do you have a favorite rv patio mat that you use as your rug and love to death? Sound off in the comments and tell us what kind it is!

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