Must-Have RV Bathroom Accessories

Every RV owner knows that space is at a premium in just about every type of recreational vehicle. That’s why bathroom accessories and storage hacks will help keep your bathroom organized!

From a Class C motorhome to a twenty-foot couples camper, it is best to be very selective about the number of items you bring into your RV. The more items brought into the vehicle the less space and comfort for the occupants. This is especially important in one of the most widely used areas of the camper, the bathroom.

Having been on several camping trips in my travel trailer I can attest to the need for organization. There is an old saying, that refers to having everything in its place and everything being in that designated place, and that is a great thought to follow when it comes to keeping any part of your motorhome organized, with the bathroom being no exception.

We have a family of four, and that means, there are four toothbrushes, four poofs for showering or bathing, four towels, and four of just about everything else, not to mention all of the other items that each individual would need to use for themselves. So organizing the bathroom in our travel trailer is a must for any type of excursion we plan to enjoy.

And it doesn’t end with organization, you also want to choose items for your camper, that are useful, contribute to the maintenance of the camper, concerning cleaning purposes in the bathroom, and are cosmetically appealing.

Fortunately, for all those into renovating, decorating, or if you are a keen DIY project enthusiast, there are several great options to choose from when making the most of the limited space in the bathroom of your camper. And perhaps the greatest thing about all of these options is that they are not only efficient and convenient, but they can be economical and stylish too!  

What Are Some Must-Have Bathroom Accessories?

Before considering what should be used in the bathroom of your RV, it’s best to break things down into the function or category of the item that will be used. As with any project or undertaking, it is always good to have the end goal in mind.

Towel Organizers

For instance, if your project involves keeping wet towels off the floor of your trailer, then you would need to consider something that they could hang on. Here are some terrific, stylish, economical, and DIY friendly options to help keep your towels organized.

1.      A stainless steel towel hanger is one of the best ways to keep towels from laying on the floor. Not only are they stylish in design, but they are also reasonably priced for a four-pack. Also considering that they have adhesive backing, they can be installed in almost any area of your bathroom without having to drill into the wall. Keeping those wet towels off the floor for good!

Stainless steel towel holder

2.      For a more traditional accessory addition, an over the door organizer is another alternative that is quick and easy to install. The size is important to consider here, as a bigger organizer may be hard to hang on some camper doors.

Over the Door towel holder

3.      Or if you are looking for an organizer that has more versatility and can be used to hold different items, from towels to shampoos, or even an extra set of clothes this organizer is a great alternative. It is made of plastic and can be rolled up easily and stored when not in use. Plus it has six easy access deep pockets, making it great for those times when you are reaching for a towel before getting out of the shower.

6 Pocket over the door organizer

Toothbrush Holders

After getting your towels organized and in an easily accessible spot, the next thing to consider would be where to put all of the toothbrushes and toothpaste so that they are easy to access as well. One thing about the bathroom sink in my RV is that there is only space for one toothbrush around the sink and finding a place to put the toothpaste can be even more difficult. So we had to come up with a great storage solution that not only looks nice but saves space and is hassle-free to use.

1.      This toothbrush holder does it all! It has cups for mouth washing that are magnetic, making them easy to store. It also can hold six toothbrushes, making it ideal for a large family. Perhaps the best feature about this toothbrush holder is that there is an automatic toothpaste dispenser.

6 Brush Toothbrush holder with Auto Dispense Function

2.      This holder is a very simple design making it great for those who prefer a more minimalistic feel and look. The nice feature about this holder is that is easy to clean and the design of the holder prevents stagnant water from pooling up inside reducing the chances of having mold or mildew.

Mspan Toothbrush holder

3.      This holder is perhaps the king of all when it comes to storage. It has room for almost all of your bathroom items and it is advertised as having a towel holder, which can eliminate the need for having to install a place to hand your towel. Of course, one thing to consider with all the extra storage space in this unit is that it will take up a larger area of the wall in your motorhome.  

BHeadCaT multifunction wall mount toothbrush holder

Bonus Must-Have Accessory For Your RV

Another item to consider is a trash can, no bathroom is complete without having a trash can. And I had to throw this in with the list. Consider it a bonus item!

·        This trash can is the perfect size for any motorhome. It is slim at 4 inches wide but still functions in a 1.3-gallon capacity making it ideal for the standard RV bathroom. The next best thing about this trash can is that it has a built-in toilet bowl brush, you simply pop it out of the front of the trash can.

Cq Acrylic slim trash can

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