How to Clean Your RV Stovetop (Easily!)

Cooking in an RV is a delight, with everything in arm’s reach. But how do you clean that tiny RV propane stovetop once your food splatter is stuck on it, without spending all day scrubbing?

Have I got the answer for you!

These cleaning supplies that I’ve discovered in my years of RVing have made the process easy and simply, so when it comes time to get the grub off my RV stovetop, I simply let the cleaning solution sit and then scrub for a few minutes (instead of hours.)

Which Cleaning Solutions to Use for the Camper Stovetop

Depending in which you can find, I love Simple Green and Totally Awesome. To be clear, you do NOT use them at the same time. You simply use one or the other.

First, spray the solution on and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Do an initial wipe down. Next, repeat spraying the solution and letting it sit.

Once round 2 has sat, you’ll scrub a bit and add a dash of baking powder on the stove for some extra abrasion. The baking powder should be all you need to get even the most stubborn food spots off!

I like to use a synthetic foam sponge with the plastic, softer abrasive side, alternating between the two as needed.

What are your favorite cleaning products for your RV oven? Did this help you clean your old enamel stove and get all the grime off? Comment here and do tell!

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