Best Dishes For RVs, Vans, & Campers

Out of the many things to buy when you start rving, getting dishes for your camper like plates, bowls, and lightweight dinnerset is essential. Otherwise, you have to carry your dishes from your house to your RV for every camping trip, and who wants to do that? 

There are a few popular choices for camper dishes. You’ll often hear about Corelle dishes for RV use, as well as melamine dishes, enamelware, and camping dishes. All of these are appropriate dishes for travel trailers, motorhomes, and vans. 

If you’re in a larger RV like a motorhome, you can go for a full dinnerware set. If you’re in a small RV like a van, you’ll want just a few dishes for vanlife.

The author of this blog has lived in an RV for 4 years at the time of this writing, and prefers Corelle because they’re lightweight, difficult to break, and have a sturdy feel like a normal set of dishes.

Here are a few of our best recommendations for buying dishes for your RV!

Best Dishes For RVs, Campers, & Vans

All of our recommendations are dish sets that can be ordered easily online.


1. Corelle White Dinner Set for 4

Corelle’s basic dinner set for 4 is the perfect dish set for any camper or #vanlife dweller. They’re break-resistant, lightweight, and store and stack easily.

One nice thing about Corelle’s dishes is that you can replace one piece in the set more easily if you break one.

Usually, you don’t have 6 people camping, which is why this 4-person set is our top choice. We might even recommend selling the other half of the set to another RVing friend!

2. Corelle White Dinner Set for 6

The set of white Corelle dishes for 6 is perfect for a larger RVing family, or if you want to keep some dishes in the house or some in the RV. Again, this set is perfect for splitting with another motorhome owner as well.

Corelle dishes have a cult following and really are perfect for motorhomes and travel trailers. They’ll last a lifetime.

3. Corelle Cityblock Dinnerware for 4

Looking for something a little more stylish? This city block dish pattern will add some style to your RV’s kitchen while still being lightweight and unbreakable. They’re also microwave-safe and camping-friendly.

4. Corelle Square Design Dishes for 4

Looking for a little more style in your tiny kitchen? These square Corelle plates fit perfectly into drawers and stay organized while driving your RV, and they add a bit of style to every meal.

This set of 4 comes with all of the camper dishes you need, including 4 large plates, 4 small plates, and 4 bowls. You’ll just need to bring your favorite mug or Yeti to complete your dish set for RV trips!


Soho Gibson Square Melamine Dishes

Looking for a more modern dish set for your tiny home on wheels? This is the dinnerware set for you. These plates, bowls, and mugs come in a modern, squared gray style, to bring a modern feel to any kitchen.

They’re made of melamine, which isn’t quite as lightweight as Corelle but is known for its longevity and break-resistance. They’re easy to store, easy to clean, and will last longer than traditional dishes when bumping down the road in your home.

These are perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining, but these dishes are not oven safe or microwavable, so keep that in mind.

5. Camper-themed Melamine Dishes

These cute dishes have images of campers and the outdoors on them. Once again being melamine, they are lightweight and resistant to breaking. These would be a great dish set option for any camper-themed decor, whether in your RV or at home.

Just keep in mind again that melamine dishes are not microwave safe, so although these are great camping dishes, you shouldn’t use them to microwave your food with.


6. Red Coleman Enamelware Dinner Set

This is a classic camping and picnic set which is completely unbreakable. If you need something really durable for your camper which will last a lifetime, this red enamelware set is a great choice for your RV or van.

This set also comes with a roll up pouch that includes camping cutlery like forks and spoons, so you get everything you need for outdoor dining in one set. These dishes are both cute and sturdy for all of your camping adventures. 

7. Stansport Blue Enamelware Camp Dishes

Another great camping dish set in bright blue, these dishes won’t break. They also come with forks, knives, and spoons all in one matching set.

This set also comes in a green option and is very affordable. You get enough dishes for 4 people. The stainless steel edges keep the dishes safe from drops and falls, however they’re not microwavable. 


Plastic and metal dish sets are always a great fail-safe option when you don’t want to take a chance with your dishes. Here are a few great matching sets that would work great in any RV or trailer.

8. Matching plastic dish set with cups

This teal set of plastic dishes is made in the USA and definitely won’t break on your next camping trip. They have other great color options, as well, so you can dine in style. Choose from teal, gray, or blue to match your RV decor.

These are BPA-free and there is no chance they’ll break, unlike other glass dishes.

9. Metal camping dishes

This stainless steel set of dishes is perfect for vanlife and for camping. The dishes store nicely in a pouch, take up minimal space, are lightweight, and are completely unbreakable.

You won’t be able to microwave these, but they’ll be able to bounce around in your van’s cabinets safely without breaking. You can eat off a tailgate or off a camping table with these, no matter where you are this is a reliable dish option. 

RV Dish FAQs

Do you really need special dishes for camping?

Many people use “regular” dishes for their RV, or just bring their dishes from home. But RVs can get overloaded with gear quickly, so we recommend getting lightweight, packable dishes just for your camper.

Who is this for?

This is for any person who owns an RV – van, motorhome, travel trailer, homemade tiny house – and wants to find the best dishes that will fit in their RV cabinets, be resistant to breaking when experiencing life on the road, and be easy to handle and store.

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