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This website was created in 2016 to help other handy nomads get the most out of their recreational vehicles. Whether you prefer to dry camp or stay at RV resorts, and whether you have a travel trailer, 5th wheel, or traditional RV, this site is for you!

DIYRVLiving.com was founded by fulltime RVers, for RV enthusiasts and travelers. Combined, we have over 10 years of fulltime RVing experience.

blue enclose van during sunset scenery
Photo by sungmu heo on Pexels.com

Years ago, our founders bought their first RV, began fulltiming, and started an adventure of a lifetime. There was so much to learn, they decided it was essential to create a resource for others, as a place to share what they had picked up along the way. This little blog was born with the idea of it becoming a bigger resource down the road.

In 2022, we partnered up with other fulltime RVers with the goal of creating one of the top helpful RVing resources on the web. The Starlink for RVers Facebook group joined the DIYRVLiving.com family, and we are now partnered up on multiple websites and Facebook groups covering travel and RV living.

Combined, we have 10 years of fulltime RV experience. And although we’d like to keep this site focused on RV topics instead of ourselves, we hope our advice and lessons will help you along your journey as well.

Happy DIY RV Living!